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Enable your employees, customers, suppliers, partners and shareholders to interact with your company through a secure, reusable and self-managed digital alternative

Users face the hassle of having to fill out forms, hand over personal data, share accounts, phone numbers, present physical documents and take selfies just to access services and benefits. This request is necessary to guarantee a secure operation for companies, due to government regulations or the risk of identity theft fraud. However, these databases are vulnerable to attacks and compromise the reputation of companies.

At Binaria we have developed technology to face this challenge together with global leaders in digital identity matters. At Binaria we want to make it easier for users to interact with your applications and give them back full control of their personal data. Easy for you, convenient for them. Join the innovators who are already transforming digital identity management through Blockchain and let us be your partner in the process.

Digital IDs, the first step in the future of work

Digital IDs, the first step in the future of work

Replace your users’ physical or PDF credentials with digital IDs that can be shared and carried on any mobile device.

Provide extraordinary digital experiences to your users, giving them control of their personal data through a 100% digital and interoperable ID ecosystem (insurance, hospitals, universities, governments, fintechs and more).

How does Binaria ID work?

With Binaria ID users will have full control of all the elements that make up their identity deciding how, when and with whom to share them. In addition, they gain access to any digital application in a secure and simple way.

Binaria security

Our platform was created to guarantee the security of companies’ information and interaction with their stakeholders, as well as protecting the privacy of users’ information, avoiding the creation of large, centralized databases. All the identity data are stored in the users’ own devices and shared by the users themselves for validations with companies and institutions, choosing only the information they wish to share and giving explicit consent to do so.

Binaria use cases

Insurance companies and agents

Doctors and hospitals




Government institutions

Fintechs and Insuretechs

Social entrepreneurship

As part of DocSolutions, a business group with more than 20 years of experience, Binaria was born with the dream of developing technology focused on people, specifically to promote the self-sovereign digital identity model in the interactions between organizations and people.

With more than 50 million validations performed and a base of best practices developed from interaction with customers from multiple industries, our commitment is to solve issues related to the vulnerability of personal information and fraud, through continuous research and the creation of a model in which users are the owners of their information. At the same time, our technology streamlines the exchange of information and identity validations between all those involved in digital ecosystems, in a reliable, secure and intuitive way, always prioritizing the proper use, portability and self-management of information. We want to generate a secure, agile and reliable identity ecosystem, promoting the creation of digital identities for all inhabitants of the planet, regardless of location, income or social strata.

Digital identity offers us enormous advantages as it allows us to have access to all kinds of global digital services, thus opening up a wide range of possibilities, many of them in terms of inclusion.

What is self-managed digital identity?

“In an individual, identity ranges from physical characteristics, gender, biometric information or experiences, to belongings, diplomas or property. Therefore, we could say that there are infinite attributes that make up a person’s identity and most of them are constantly changing and evolving”.

Inter-American Development Bank, 2020 

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¿Qué es BiWallet?

BiWallet te permite gestionar los atributos relacionados con tu identidad como nombre, edad, género, dirección, etc.

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